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PrAna Clothes for Travel #packprAna

prAna clothes for #packprana

Meeting the challenge of finding comfortable and chic travel clothes with sustainable fair trade clothing company, PrAna Being familiar with eco clothing company, PrAna, I knew that their website featured an assortment of incredibly fit-looking people. An otherworldly lot of individuals is to be found here – hanging 10 in Hawaii, dangling from cliffs, and bending themselves into to […]

My New Favorite Travel Purse: PacSafe 200

fitting everything in pacsafe citysafe 200

Review of the PacSafe Citysafe 200 travel purse I purchased a new travel purse for a recent trip, the Pacsafe Citysafe 200 (Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii Handbag, Black). Choosing it for its size and safety features, how did this travel handbag fare? When it comes to finding the perfect travel handbag, I always feel a little […]

Lipault Continental Carry-On Review

lipault suitcase

Before my Continental Carry-On even arrived, it occurred to me that Lipault bags appear to be made for the Travel Belle. Known for their feather-weight design and offered in an olio of jazzy colors, their looks alone made us want to hop a plane to somewhere gorgeous and spicy. But first impressions can be deceiving. We wanted to know how would […]

Brunch in Madrid: Café Oliver

eggs benedict cafe oliver

In the third part of #BrunchChallenge, I visit a Madrid classic, Café Oliver in Chueca.

Sunday at 2pm. Every table is full, waiters whirl through the packed restaurant wielding plates of pancakes and scrambled eggs. There’s a Spanish version of a queue clustered round the bar. E and I aren’t phased by the scene in front of us though: we had a reservation. Five minutes and not even a nod of acknowledgment from a waiter later, we started to lose confidence. And when we finally were acknowledged, we were informed that no we didn’t have a reservation, because you can’t book for brunch. All this despite Scrambled eggs with cheese and herbs

Eggs Benedict

For the ‘main course’, we had a choice of caesar salad, cheeseburger, pancakes with maple syrup and a ‘tropical salad’ of fresh fruit. We both opted for the pancakes, which were huge, fluffy and incredibly filling. A few berries to accompany them wouldn’t have gone amiss, though.

Pancakes with maple syrup

Given the amount of food served for €25, brunch at Café Oliver is decent value if you want to go gluttonous and fill your stomach for …read more

April Airplane Reads

airplane reads summer books april

If you are lucky enough to be traveling this month or just looking for a new captivating story to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather with, well I have the perfect books for both. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is the first book in the ever-popular dystopian young adult genre. With the success […]

Brunch in Madrid: Maricastaña

Maricastaña restaurant madrid brunch

In January I started my mission to find a decent brunch in Madrid. A leisurely weekend brunch isn’t yet a Spanish tradition, but it’s one I enjoy, so decided to check out the brunch options available in the capital. I hit the right note first time with Australian-influenced Excuse the awful BlackBerry photo. It won’t happen again.

Once my friend J and I placed our orders for one French, one Spanish brunch, it didn’t take long for our coffees and juices to arrive. The juice tasted fresh, although I did spy staff pouring it from a Granini bottle. The coffee was a cut above your usual Spanish bar, though. Next came a plate resembling an artists’ palette with jam and butter instead of paints, the basket of toasted breads (no mini croissants in sight), and before long we were presented with a slate each. Mine was topped with a dish of fruit, yoghurt and cereal, the crepe and the toasted sandwich, both perched atop a scattering of balsamic-dressed lettuce leaves. There was also a healthy helping of strawberry jam on the side, and a mystery red liquid in a shot glass that turned out to be a Bloody Mary chupito. Now, …read more

Two items for female backpackers: product reviews

micro towel for female backpackers

Five months after moving to London, I’m packing up my room and dusting off my backpack, ready for fresh adventures (did I mention I have trouble staying put?!) So it seemed like good timing when The Gap Year Travel Store sent me two products to review, created especially for female backpackers.

I’m heading to Portugal next, and though I considered taking a suitcase (more grown-up and suited to a mid-twenties career woman, you see), I’ve decided upon my beloved, battered backpack as my luggage option. We could argue the toss all day …read more

Airplane Reads: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?


There very few books that have ever made me laugh out loud. I think it’s fair to say that most fictional novels; while they may have humorous plots, don’t always provide the same instant comical reaction as say your favorite sitcom. Where’d you go, Bernadette? is the newest novel from accomplished screenwriter and author Maria […]