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My New Favorite Travel Purse: PacSafe 200

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Review of the PacSafe Citysafe 200 travel purse I purchased a new travel purse for a recent trip, the Pacsafe Citysafe 200 (Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii Handbag, Black). Choosing it for its size and safety features, how did this travel handbag fare? When it comes to finding the perfect travel handbag, I always feel a little […]

Lipault Continental Carry-On Review

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Before my Continental Carry-On even arrived, it occurred to me that Lipault bags appear to be made for the Travel Belle. Known for their feather-weight design and offered in an olio of jazzy colors, their looks alone made us want to hop a plane to somewhere gorgeous and spicy. But first impressions can be deceiving. We wanted to know how would […]

What I Pack into my Transit Travel Kit


I love all facets of travel, including transit travel. I’m not too sure why, but I just love being on a long journey – whether by air, land or sea – and gazing out to the horizon. With the amount of transit travel I do whenever I go away, I always make sure I’m prepared with my very own transit travel kit.

Because I travel regularly I always get asked what I actually pack into my kit. The truth is, a transit travel kit can be as unique as the traveller. While my transit travel kit suits me, there might be some ideas in there for you too. Here’s my transit travel kit – bit by bit.

Clothing that can be layered
I’m one of those people who always feels the cold. I layer my clothes for the journey so that I can peel layers off when I’m warm and add them back on whenever air-conditioning or chills set in. Cardigans always help me out and I always pack at least one. I also take a wide scarf that can be used as a shawl so I can laze back into my seat with a good book, all wrapped …read more

A Woman’s Guide to Packing for Indonesia

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How to pack for Indonesia largely depends on which of its 17,000+ islands you’ll be visiting. With that many islands and countless more cultures each adhering to a very set collection of fashion faux-paus, packing for this country can be a little overwhelming. And as a woman, when packing gets tough, the tough get over-packing. I brought way too much with me, leaving me in quite a predicament as I now try to pack all my souvenirs, gifts, and clothes to take home.

Here’s a packing list I’ve constructed by learning from my mistakes:

It’s important to note that although Indonesia is located in the tropics of South East Asia and is as hot and humid as primordial soup, it isn’t all tanks, bikinis, and shorts. In fact, on most islands those items would be considered very offensive to wear in public. On the most popular islands of Bali, Lombok, and the three Gili islands it’s perfectly acceptable to show some skin, and those items may be all you need to pack. However, if you’re going to travel a little deeper into the country while …read more

A Little Planning and Packing

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Today I’ve got an article up over at Plum Deluxe on planning a far flung multigenerational trip. I especially enjoyed having the chance to interview a childhood friend who over the past several years has traveled with three generations of her family to Egypt and the the Galapagos Islands. Also new this week I’ve got a […]

Travel in Style with Versatile Clothes and Accessories


Pretty and Practical Travel Wear Staying fashionable while traveling is one of the most difficult things to do, especially when you get dressed and think “If only I had that purple scarf with me…” The best thing you can do to avoid this sense of regret is plan ahead when packing. Before any trip – […]