Visiting Rome’s Aventine Hill

Aventine Hill: Photo Essay of one of our favorite places to see when visiting Rome My favorite hill of the famous seven in Rome is the Aventine, set between the Tiber, Testaccio quarter and the Circus Maximus. A walk there is a lovely way to spend a sunny morning. Ancient churches, mellow-colored buildings and secluded gardens […]

Flirty Italian Phrases


It’s been over two years since Eleonora first shared her cheeky guide for “Italian Curse Words not Needed: Useful Words and Phrases.” Travel Belles, we think it’s time for the next step. Italian men are known for their wooing techniques, and American women are frequently warned of the ploys of the flirtatious Italian ragazzi. But why wait […]

Foods We’ve Tried While Traveling: The Good, Bad and "Interesting"


Across the Cafe Table #11 Welcome to Across the Cafe Table, where every 2nd Wednesday of the month we have a discussion topic. This month’s topic is one of our favorite things! Food! Let’s discuss the weird, odd, good, or bad. Learn more here about our monthly cafe chats.  Margo: The buck or donkey stops […]

Staying Local in Florence, Italy

Traveling like a local in Florence

Visiting Italy and living among the locals in Florence, Italy, one of our favorite Italian cities Local travel isn’t just about exploring the region on your doorstep; in recent years, there’s also been a trend towards living like a local when travelling. Rather than following the same tourist trails and dining in tackily-decorated restaurants with […]

How Do You Pick a Hotel?: Across The Cafe Table #9

How to pick a hotel

Welcome to the NINTH Across the Cafe Table. This month’s question: What are the factors you consider when selecting a hotel? Briana: I haven’t been staying in hotels very much these days, as I’m sure some of my fellow twenty-something Belles can relate. When I do get the chance, though, there is one thing I look […]