New Years Eve Traditions Around the World


Rather than serve up the standard fare and bullet point sparkling wine types for New Year’s, today we’re going to check out some New Year’s traditions around the world. We’re going to focus on customs from several well-known winemaking countries, some wine-related and some not. Perhaps you’ll pick up a few New Year’s celebration ideas […]

A Bottle for the Holidays: 4 Tips to Conquer the "Wall of Wine" At Home or Away

Finally, everything you need to know about how to buy wine. Quick! Name one industry that has as many brands with similar looking packages and similar tasting items as the wine industry. I think it’s virtually impossible. I’m not sure how things worked out this way, but unlike shopping for hand soap or cookies, shopping […]

Visit the Napa Valley

Planning a vacation to the Napa wineries I’m excited to tell you that, as I write, I’m actually sitting in a hotel room in Napa after a long day of exploring wineries up and down this Valley. And yes, I’ve got a glass of wine by my side! For this month’s column, I’m taking inspiration […]

Just A Few Hours From New York, Long Island is Full of Winers

Wine and Travel: The Perfect Pairing for Travel Belles and other “Normal People” Long Island Wineries Long Island? The land of Amy Fisher? The runner up for gold-chain-adorned, muscle-shirted, overly-tanned cheeseballs (clearly the Jersey Shore takes the #1 slot)? Am I seriously telling you that there are vineyards there…that you should visit? Yes, I am. […]