Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle

Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle ireland

Illustration by Juliette Borda and appeared in American Way Magazine on March 1

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An edited version of this essay appeared in the March 1 issue of American Way Magazine

Carrottop. Rusty. Ginger. Pippi Longstocking. “How original. I’ve never heard that one before,” I want to respond. “Connect the dots with my freckles? What a clever idea. Yes, that’s right, someone did leave me outside in the rain, and my hair rusted.”

As a redhead, I’ve heard all the jokes and jeers.

The only tag that didn’t make me wince was the pet name my grandfather coined. “How’s my Pretty Red?” I can still hear his sonorous voice ask, employing the tender name he’d used for me all his life. It was always “my” Pretty Red. I was always his.

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Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle ireland
Kimberley is a freelance writer, award-winning author, francophile, and champagne lover whose travel, food, and lifestyle articles have appeared in national and international publications and websites including National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, American Way, Virginia Living, Executive Travel, Delta Sky, Australian Voyeur, and many more. Her culinary travel book, Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves, about the Dordogne region of France was the 2012 Gold Lowell Thomas Award recipient, given by the Society of American Travel Writers.
Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle ireland


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Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle ireland
Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle ireland

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    I love this, Kimberley! Your Grandad sounds like such a wise and wonderful man. You could also have Scottish blood – you’d be very welcomed there too!