Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle

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Illustration by Juliette Borda and appeared in American Way Magazine on March 1

Editor’s note:  We’re so excited to welcome Kimberly Lovato and her blog, Fluent in Fabulous to the TB Network.

An edited version of this essay appeared in the March 1 issue of American Way Magazine

Carrottop. Rusty. Ginger. Pippi Longstocking. “How original. I’ve never heard that one before,” I want to respond. “Connect the dots with my freckles? What a clever idea. Yes, that’s right, someone did leave me outside in the rain, and my hair rusted.”

As a redhead, I’ve heard all the jokes and jeers.

The only tag that didn’t make me wince was the pet name my grandfather coined. “How’s my Pretty Red?” I can still hear his sonorous voice ask, employing the tender name he’d used for me all his life. It was always “my” Pretty Red. I was always his.

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    I love this, Kimberley! Your Grandad sounds like such a wise and wonderful man. You could also have Scottish blood – you’d be very welcomed there too!