Brunch in Madrid: Maricastaña

Editor’s note: Kate Turner continues in her pursuit of a good brunch in Madrid.

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photo from Maricastaña’s Facebook page.

In January I started my mission to find a decent brunch in Madrid. A leisurely weekend brunch isn’t yet a Spanish tradition, but it’s one I enjoy, so decided to check out the brunch options available in the capital. I hit the right note first time with Australian-influenced Federal. Could round two match or even top Federal’s offer?

I’d read good things about Maricastaña, a trendy but relaxed restaurant in Triball, the up-and-coming corner of Malasaña where barrio bars sit alongside hipster hangouts. A softly-lit, inviting-looking place, Maricastaña opens all day every day, serving breakfast, lunch (the menú del día served on week days looks tempting for €11.50) and dinner.

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  1. says

    Kate, I just love your Spanish brunch posts! Please keep them coming! I am eagerly taking note and making a list for when I next visit! At this rate, I’ll never need breakfast or lunch, I’ll just be brunching in style!

  2. Justine de Jonge says

    This has given me the challenge to find brunch options in countries that I visit. Brunch is the best! :)

  3. Kate Turner says

    I hope the challenge catches on! This wasn’t my favourite so far, but always great to try new places. I’m off to continue the challenge today, in fact – it’s what rainy Sundays were made for!